Practical Information

Applications to the Y-FED are closed.

For any question about your application, send us a message at


Locations and Accommodation

Y-FED Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France

Y-FED Ortenberg
The Ortenberg Castle, Germany

The Y-FED will have two locations : during the first days, we will be in Strasbourg, France, and then we will spend the second part in Ortenberg, a castle in Germany.

Accomodation in Strasbourg and Ortenberg:
The participants will be divided in two accommodations in Strasbourg: one will be staying at the Ciarus (7 rue Finkmatt ), while the other one will be staying at Cap Europe (6 rue Bitche).
In Ortenberg, every participants will be staying in the Ortenberg’s Castle, at the same place that the simulation will take place.

Participation Fee, Transportation and Accommodation

Who can apply ?
You are between 16 and 35 years old ? You live in Europe (or not!) and you want to take concrete action about your future ?
Then we would love for you to participate in our Y-FED simulation !

Participation Fee
The registration fees are of 60€ and include:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals and Beverages
  • Transport within Strasbourg once the event has started
  • Transport from Strasbourg to Ortenberg
  • Transport from Ortenberg back to Strasbourg with a stop at the Offenbourg train station.

Travel reimbursement
The reimbursment of travel cost is based on distance traveled :
– between 10km and 99km, we reimburse the travel cost up to 20€.
– between 100km and 499km, we reimburse the travel cost up to 180€.
– between 500km and 1999km, we will reimburse the travel cost up to 275€.
-between 2000km and 2999km, we will reimburse the travel cost up to 360€.
-between 3000km and 3999km, we will reimburse the travel cost up to 530€.

Keep in mind that in order for us to reimburse your traveling cost, you will to keep your invoices and boarding passes after the event!

Warning: We are reimbursing the travel cost only in the cases where you have picked the cheapest (usually second class) way to travel. If you travel cost is less than 180€/275, then great!

We allow ourselves the right not to refund your trip, if you have purposefully picked a more expensive way to travel for your own comfort, or not attended the whole event.

If you have any doubts during the application process, feel free to contact us at the following address: !