5 Days
120 Young Citizens from Europe
4 Institutions Modeled


Take part in the first simulation
of a federal European Union !

 11th – 16th June 2019

y - fed

The Idea:
The Y-FED is a new kind of simulation of European Union, with participants from all over Europe to play the roles of the leaders of tomorrow.

Y-FED Simulation

The Simulation:
In a normal setting and then a crisis one, the simulation will include a set of completely new federal institutions.

Y-FED Roles

The Roles:
Choose between four different roles in the simulation.

Application is open !

Are you available from the 11th to the 16 of June ?
Then apply today to the Y-FED !
Applications close on April 20th

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The Y-FED simulation is organised by les Jeunes Européens – France, les Jeunes Européens – Strasbourg, & die Junge Europaïsche Föderalisten – Deutschland.