The Simulation

A Simulation of new European Institutions

The Y-FED (which stands for Why Federalism? ) is a simulation of a new European Union, with federal institutions.

The simulation will include a European Parliament, a European Government and members of the civil society. The goal will be to make these institutions function together, and prove that other models are possible for Europe and may even be more efficient.

A Set of Federal Institutions

This simulation is the first of its kind, as it will be include federal institutions, going much further than the current European Union, and back to the heart of the original project of the European construction.

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A Simulation in Two Parts

A Normal Setting

In the first three days, the participants will experience reformed institutions of the EU in a normal setting.

They will be able to get to know the new institutions, and discover their role in the simulation.

A Crisis Setting

During the second part of the event, the participants will have to handle a European crisis. 

Together, they will have to debate, negotiate and take actions to solve this challenge.

Simulation Main Theme


The main theme of this two-part simulation will be migration.

Seeing as the migration crisis was a divisive issue for the EU to handle and to respond to in an efficient way, we aim to test whether a federal European union would be able to handle it differently.
Other issues will other be discussed such as energy policy, defense and security.

The legislative proposals you will be working on during the “normal” part of the simulation as active members of the federal european parliament, and civil society members will be sent to you and uploaded on this website ten days before the simulation takes place in order for you to become familiar with them .

Different Roles for the Participants

Y-FED Roles

Each participant will have a specific role in the Y-FED.

Deputies, senators, lobbyists, journalists, the simulation will include four different roles.